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JKBOSE  10th English Notes

JKBOSE class 10th english notes
JKBOSE class 10th english notes pdf
JKBOSE class 10th english notes pdf download
JKBOSE class 10th english notes book pdf

JKBOSE class 10th english notes download pdf
JKBOSE class 10th english notes guide
JKBOSE class 10th english notes handwara
JKBOSE class 10th english notes jammu and kashmir board

JKBOSE class 10th english notes kashmir board
JKBOSE class 10th english notes last chapter
JKBOSE class 10th english notes question answer
JKBOSE class 10th english notes question bank

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<img alt="JKBOSE  Class 10th English Notes">

JKBOSE  Class 10th English Notes



Footprint  Without  Feet

Question 1. 

Answer - Griffin was a brilliant scientist and made a significant breakthrough in the field of science۔ After doing many experiments, he proved that the human body could be hidden۔ He dared to conduct dangerous experiments on himself in which he swallowed some rare drugs that made his body transparent like a glass sheet۔ So we can guess that Griffin was intelligent, brave and hardworking as a scientist۔


Question 2.

Answer - Both boys were surprised to see a set of fresh mudprints of a couple of barefoot on the ground, surrounded by no human beings۔ Even when they saw them, they began to see a fresh footprint from somewhere۔ He further saw more footprints, one after another, descending stairs and moving on the street۔ Boys Search of muddy steps without a man He was fascinated and surprised and he was chasing them in the street until the impressions were blurred and eventually disappeared completely.

Question 3.

Answer - As a homeless wandering, walking on the cool streets of London without clothes، Griffin decided to enter a large London store for the heat. When it came time to close, and the shop doors closed, Griffin decided to dress.

JKBOSE class 10th english notes pdf download

"An Excellent Father"

Question 1. 

Answer - Niederfield Park is a house that has been empty for a long time It was to be allowed A rich young gentleman Mr. Bungalow, is renting a house When Mrs Bennett finds out about it So she is very happy because she hopes that Mr. Bungalow can marry one of her daughters and Mr. Bungalow's single is to Mrs. Bennett Makes it more special about it. She tells all this to her husband She wants to make a sense of understanding with Mr Bungalow for the sake of her daughters 
Question 2۔ 

Answer: The answer is that Mr. Bungalow took over the Netherlands Park He is a very lucky young man from the north of England. He earns four or five thousand a year and is unmarried Mrs. Bennett has three daughters of age to marry and hopes that Mr. Bungalows can marry one of her daughters. So he is happy for a young and rich man in his neighborhood. 

Question 3۔

Answer - Mrs. Bennett insisted that she be familiar with Mr. Bungalow, a young and unmarried man of great fortune, because........

jkbose class 10th english notes pdf

"From a Dairy of a Young Girl"

Question 1. 

Answer- Anne  guess was absolutely wrong that the 'world' would not be interested in the music of a thirteen-year-old girl۔ "A young girl's diary", published by her father Otto Frank in 1952, is indeed a unique record of her life in Germany under the Nazi occupation، And in the meantime, it provides valuable information about the persecution of the Jews۔ The book is translated into many languages from its original Dutch form and, in fact, is one of the most read books in the world۔ The book is so impressive that many films, television and theater productions, even an opera, are made based on this diary، On the contrary, Anne Frank felt about herself۔ Through her diary, she has become the most famous and debated victims of the Holocaust۔ 

Question 2۔ 

Answer - Anne Frank's diary was originally written in Dutch and then translated into several languages. 

Question 3۔ 

Answer - Anne needs to give a brief outline of its family members on two accounts. First of all, she considers her diary of KITTY more than just one paper, and gives her diary the status of a close and close friend Instead she treats her diary like an outsider۔

jkbose class 10th english notes app

"Long Walk to Freedom" 

Question 1. 

Answer - The day of autumn here has a symbolic meaning.This is a sign of fruit season - when South Africans will taste sweet fruits (our freedom) after long summer . In addition, South Africa is part of the Southern Hemisphere، Where autumn months take place from March to May, these months are spring in the Northern Hemisphere. 

Question 2. 

Answer - Mandela called racism an extraordinary human disaster and its independence a great human achievement. 

Question 3. 

Answer - He mentions and does various ideas to free his people (South Africans) from slavery That........


JKBOSE class 10th english notes answers

"A Sermon at Banaras"

Question 1. 

Answer - Sermon is a long conversation in which someone advises other people how they should behave to be a better person۔ While a lecture is a formal discussion on a serious or expert subject that is given to a group of people, especially to students۔ 

Question 2. 

Answer: Kasa was the only son of a woman named Gopfib and died۔ She was so sad that she took the dead child to all her neighbors and asked them for a medicine that could bring her son alive۔ No, he didn't get it because there is no medicine that could bring the dead alive۔ 

Question 3. 

Answer - She was happy after talking to Badha۔ Badha actually told him to bring a fist of mustard from any house but......

JKBOSE class 10th english notes all chapters


Question 1. 

Answer- .A sermon is a long conversation in which someone advises other people how they should behave to be a better person۔ In other words, the sermon is a discussion on a religious or moral subject۔ The sermons address a religious, religious or moral subject, usually a kind of belief within both past and present context، Describe the law or behavior۔ While the lecture is an oral presentation, aimed at providing information about a particular topic or teaching people۔ For example, through a university teacher or college teacher۔

Question 2. 

Answer: Kasa was the only son of a woman named Gopfib and died۔ She was so sad that she took the dead child to all her neighbors and asked them for any medicine

JKBOSE class 10th english notes board


Question 1. 

Answer - Miracles are considered unexpected or supernatural events۔ But according to Walt Whiteman, miracles take place in everyday life۔ Accordingly, everything around it is a miracle, for example, the people of the city, the various natural creatures and phenomena, the tranquility of the forest, the life in the sea، Waves movement, and the busy roads of Manhattan, etc۔ 

Question 2. 

Answer - Although, this poem is full of miracles, but, when we read the poem, we certainly feel that something in it 

jkbose class 10th english notes book

"When You Are Old"

Question 1. 

Answer: The poet has described the age of youth with physical cremation, attractive eyes, pleasant feeling of love, etc., while old age has white hair, drowsiness، Described on grief and desolation۔ 

Question 2. 

Answer - The phrase "full of sleep" has a symbolic meaning which means increased۔ It refers to the natural drowsiness that

JKBOSE class 10th english notes book pdf

"Speak Up" 

Question 1. 

Answer: The poet wants his compatriots to say what is done in their hearts۔ He wants to be bold and bold and express his anger against the brutal English government۔ He wants to join the struggle for freedom and be free from the chains of slavery and oppression۔ 

Question 2. 

Answer: The poet says that the truth is not dead yet۔ All you know is what justice is and what is illegal, what

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Question 1.  

Answer: Nature has shrunk the world in a severe and hard cold sheet۔ It has limited all creatures to their living spaces and they feel small and limited to the earth and thus live in fear of death Are۔ 

Question 2. 

Answer: The heart of the active rat has been slowed down and inactive due to cold, severe cold which is otherwise very lively

JKBOSE class 10th english notes download pdf

"My mother At Sixty-Six" 

Question 1.  

Answer: The poet has described his mother as an old woman who is close to death۔ She is sleeping۔ His mouth is open۔ His face looks very pale like a corpse۔ 

Question 2. 

Answer: - The poet sees his mother out of the car to get out of the painful idea of losing۔ Outside the car window, she sees cheerful children coming out۔ 

jkbose class 10th english notes english medium

"An Evening Wet With Rain" 

Question 1. 

Answer: The poet describes his childhood memories۔ He remembers the time when he stood alone in the courtyard and heard the sloping sarewell sound in his ears with the waves of cool air۔ 

Question 2. 

Answer:  The poem reproduces the evening environment that is soaked in rain۔ Darkness Syria creates a sad and serious atmosphere۔ Syria is a sign of the fall of the poet's life۔ He is old and frustrated۔ The poet is

JKBOSE class 10th english notes exercise

"The Tale Of Custard The Dragon"

Question 1. 

Answer : The characters of the answer poem are the kitten, rat, dog and dragon۔ And their nicknames are Ink, Blank, Mr. and Castard where the black cat baby has ink, gray mouse blink, yellow dog mermaid and small dragon custard۔ 

Question 2. 

Answer - Contard cried for a good safe cage because he was a coward who was unaware of his power and was afraid of him۔ 

JKBOSE class 10th english notes english

"Last Lesson Of The Afternoon" 

Question 1.  

Answer: The initial line of the poem shows boredom and fatigue۔ 

Question 2. 

Answer: Is the address teacher o the poem or the poet himself؟ This is DH Lawrence

jkbose class 10th english notes guide

"From: I Explain A Few Things" 

Question 1. 

Answer - Pablo Neruda is considered one of the greatest and most influential poets of the 20th century, and has been awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature، Which is a controversial honor because of his political activity۔ Neruda's work has been so influential that it has led to a movement for the people of its country۔ The scope of his work extends from writing love poems to realistic poems, from historical poems to political manifestations۔ Initially, the poet wrote poems about the beauty of nature in and out of his country۔ But seeing the devastation of the war in Spain and other parts of the world changed the poet's point of view, leaving permanent marks on his mind۔ Now a changed man, the poet cannot write the poetry of sweet dreams and the title "I understand the truth" is the poem that arises from the same conflict in the poet's mind۔ Here (he did not believe a word) he clearly describes the horrific scenes of bloodshed during the Spanish Civil War, which surprised and disturbed him۔ Looking at the streets full of the bodies of innocent men, women and children, the poet changed revolutionaryly and encouraged him to write against such cruelty and bloodshed۔ 

Question 2. 

Answer - The poet lived in Spain for a long time as a diplomat for children۔ He has many fond memories of staying in the country and has made many friends

JKBOSE class 10th english notes guess paper

"THE Naclace" 

Question 1. 

Answer - The loss changed the life of Louisel۔ Mr. Luizel married a beautiful, young woman from Matilda۔ Being poor he had no dowry، No hope and no means and even though she wanted to marry a rich man, luck deceived him and his marriage was the office of the Board of Education Done from a small clerk۔ Her husband tried hard to make her happy but she was fed up with the life of austerity that she was forced to live۔ She wanted luxury and wonderful food, clothes and jewelry۔ One day her husband received the invitation to the gala party and he thought his wife would be happy۔ However, he expressed anger because he did not have clothes or jewelry to please such an opportunity۔ Her husband gave her money to buy a beautiful dress and asked her to borrow jewelry from her good friend Mme Forestier۔ Matilda borrowed a diamond necklace from her friend, which proved to be a turning point in her life۔ Matilda enjoyed herself well at the party because she was highly praised by all. However, on his return home, he felt that his necklace had been lost۔ Thus, Luizel had to borrow a large amount of 36,000 francs to change the necklace۔ He changed the whole point of his life۔ Matilda now had to live a very difficult life۔ He had to move to humble residences and stay without a servant۔ Matilda had to be enslaved all day, the house had to do it herself۔ Her beauty became Mandy, her hands became thick and red and she got old overnight۔ Luizel also worked overtime to repay the money۔ The series lasted for 10 years until they forgave all the loans۔ If Metilda was satisfied with her life, she would be happier when she was young and did not run behind money, fame and wealth۔ But in the show rat race, he had to pay a heavy price۔ 

Question 2. 

Answer - The answer was to Matilda from a humble family and she was married to a humble clerk who earned a modest income۔ She was constantly suffering as she felt۔

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Question 1. 

Answer - She was sent to school for many unusual reasons۔ She has deteriorated from smallpox marks۔ Falling at the age of ten months has damaged his mind and he has become mentally handicapped۔ She rarely speaks when she staggers and jokes۔ In this background, the Tehsil Ram Lal، Fakholi's father asks him to send his daughters to school when primary school is opened for girls in the village so that he set an example for others can go۔ The mother of forget has died against sending girls to school to read۔ She thinks that doing so will end her chances of marriage۔ However, she is exempt from forgetting, as she tells the reason for her marriage to be dark in view of her physical and mental disorders۔ So only forgetfulness is allowed to go to school to get rid of it and please the crowd۔

Question 2. 

Answer - The teacher at school is very loving and lovingly from the beginning with the forget۔ She is no different from other students with him and does not feel that she is less capable in any way۔ The school teacher is extraordinarily kind and gentle when he realizes he is a shy, timid and retracting girl۔ She makes it special...  

  ☆ ☆ ☆ ---» 𝐑𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐂𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐮𝐞 «--- ☆ ☆ ☆

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Question 1. 

Answer - Yes, we think that Abli represents the simplicity of these drunken women، Which does not emerge from the rapid advances in science and technology in today's modern world۔ Unlike people (young and old) who know a lot about technology، Even today, people living in remote areas of the country are simple in the heart and are unaware of the rapid changes around them۔ Abili is an old Ladakh woman who never went away from her house۔ The distances are incomprehensible for this and therefore Sri Nagar is as far away as Turkey۔ Thus, when the earthquake struck Turkey, it suffered immense damage, fearing that her granddaughter would be affected in Sri Nagar۔ When Dolma told Abli that she lived in Delhi, she concluded that Dolma should meet Rakhsana daily، Because she knows nothing about the distance between the two cities۔ If he gets news of a bus break on the road, he is sure that none of the passengers have survived۔ It shows his innocence and ignorance about things۔ Any accident bothers him anywhere, because he thinks the face has been damaged in the incident۔ She immediately begins to pray to Allah for her own protection۔ The narrator himself has taken advantage of Abli's simplicity because he likes to see his reaction to the most trivial events around him۔ 

Question 2. 

Answer - The answer was Dolma, the daughter of a distant relative, a young girl living in Delhi۔ He had not seen Chile for many years۔ Aboli couldn't recognize him and therefore stared at him without saying a word, when Abili was introduced to him, he was shocked and commented with the sincerity that.....

JKBOSE class 10th english notes in english medium

"Out Of Business" 

Question 1. 

Answer - The answer was Rama Rao Malgodi's agent for the Gramophone company۔ He did not own the business himself but whatever money he inherited, he had accumulated as a guarantee in business۔ He made a good profit of this investment for 5 years۔ Although profits were not high, he had enough to make sure his family lived comfortably۔ But suddenly the company in northern India collapsed and its factory closed۔ Rama Rao tried to return his security deposit, but there was no one left in the company to receive his request because the company had gone bankrupt۔ Rama Rao found himself helpless because the little money he had in the bank could not last long۔ Thus, Rama Rao suffered losses when he provided financial assistance to the bank in which he worked, crashed۔ The bank's failure was the result of the sudden death of its financier۔ Therefore, a series of incidents brought Rama Rao to the state of Kismaparsi۔ 

Question 2. 

Answer - Rama Rao, there was not so much luck to start۔ He invested a small amount of money he inherited in the company in which he worked as security and he was comfortable at the profit of this investment Used to۔ He also had some stocks but did not sell the stock on profit after the bank fell and he barely earned a hundred rupees۔ He lost.... 
  ☆ ☆ ☆ ---» 𝐑𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐂𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐮𝐞 «--- ☆ ☆ ☆

JKBOSE class 10th english notes jammu and kashmir

"The Servent" 

Question - 1

Answer: Gerasim was wandering in the useless because he was unemployed۔ He was looking for a job at a time when he was hard to find۔ It was Christmas Eve and everyone got stuck in a sad job expecting a gift

Question  - 2

Answer: He worked as an employee of a businessman۔ He had previously done a bottle of laundry and as a brewer۔

JKBOSE class 10th english notes jammu and kashmir board


Question  - 2

Answer - The answer was stated by the author in early March about 6:30 pm, when the evening was sloping and its dark black shadows were covered on the scene۔ However, the atmosphere was not so dark because of street lights۔ There was a wide emptiness on the road and sidewalk۔ Still, many people were quietly moving in half the light۔ Some people sat on benches and chairs in the park and tried not to take care of anyone, as they did not want the spectators to see their presence۔ This evening watch was also sad and mysterious because it seemed like men and women who were dressed in lousy clothes, bowed their shoulders and unhappy eyes، Wanted to melt in this foggy watch and didn't want to share your worries, frustrations۔ Sad with the outside world. 

Question  - 2

Answer-  Dusk means the time of the day when the night is still gray, but it is not completely dark yet۔ In the story, the time is 6:30 in the evening and the evening on the scene is too much۔ However, a statement to keep people moving quietly

jkbose class 10th english notes key answer


"The Proposal"

Q.  Explain   Satire & Irony in “The Proposal” 

Ans- Satire refers to an article that prevents a person or society from making fun of or showing the folly of an idea, custom, etc۔ It is also a way to criticize people or ideas in a humorous way۔ More specifically, satire highlights the shortcomings of an individual or society, in order to be corrected۔ The play is about the tendency of rich families to build relationships with other rich families، Encouraging marriages to increase their properties that have good economic meaning۔ The problem with the play is marriage (of an adult daughter) about whom everyone is worried - everyone around wants to celebrate the marriage enthusiastically۔ Ivan Lomov, a longtime rich neighbor of Stephen Chobokov, is also rich، Chokov's twenty-five-year-old daughter comes to seek Natalia's hand, but human stupidity intervenes because the three are quarrelsome people, and they start arguing about the little things۔ Thus, the problem of marriage remains unresolved, as Lomov forgets to propose Natalia، Both Lomov and Natalia start arguing for the first fields for marriage and then the lead of their dogs۔ Even Chobokov joins his daughter and joins the quarrel۔ It's only a long time since the wisdom began on Chibokov and he joined Lomov and Natalia's hands and told them to kiss each other، When they are still half - unconscious, as a sign of their pleasant alliance۔ But their stupidity continues۔ After coming to their senses, they start to fight again۔ Chebokov makes a satirical comment - "This is a way to start family happiness"۔ These remarks have some deep hidden meaning۔ Spouses have a deep love for each other, even if they fight small things۔ And occasionally quarrels are part and parcel of marital life۔  



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