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JKBOSE Class 11th Education Notes pdf Download for jammu and kashmir Students. Study materials for class 11th Education with PDF .Get important notes for jkbose class 11th education notes and Study materials.

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JKBOSE Class 11th Education Notes 

Unit 1 -  Meaning and Concept of Education


Education is the process of facilitating the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and habits۔ This is the social process that changes human behavior by giving new experiences, new knowledge and new skills۔ This means that education is a process that helps an individual learn to respond to the current stimulus۔

Meaning and Concept of Education 

This means education any change that helps the individual adapt to their environment۔ In short, education is a process of development from childhood to puberty or it is a lifelong process۔ It is the strongest tool for human development and adjustment, a purposeful process that contributes to the development of human civilization۔ It is a crippled process involving Lemmer, teacher and social environment۔

Unit 2 -  Understanding Aims of Education

Meaning of Aim

The meaning of purpose is a pre-determined goal that affects the behavior of an individual and seeks to achieve that goal۔ According to John Dewey, "a goal is a expected end, which guides an activity or motivates behavior۔" Then we can say that one goal is a foresight for the consequences of a process۔

Importance of Aims of Education

The importance of education purposes education should be based on the purpose of being a purposeful social process۔ Having a goal means working intelligently and not mechanically like a machine۔ Objectives are required based on the following reasons:

Aims give direction: Education is a planned activity in which certain objectives are taken into account۔ Objectives direction the education process۔ This is the goal that tells us what to do and what not۔ As one person wants to be an MBBS doctor, his goal tells him what to read and what not to read۔

Unit 3 -  Understanding Agencies of Education

Meaning of Agencies of Education

Education agencies mean education is a process through which the old generation refers to its experiences, traditions, customs, ideas and values۔ Young generation. The society has divided a number of specialized institutions to carry out its work۔ These are institutions۔ Called as education agencies.

Types of educational Agencies

Education agencies are classified in different ways۔ Some important ratings are as follows

1. Formal agencies: Formal education agencies are those with default location, time, purpose, plan, curriculum as well as trained teachers۔ Education is conscious and deliberate۔ These agencies include schools, religious institutions, libraries, museums, etc.

2. Informal agencies: Informal education agencies are those in which education is given indirectly and unconsciously۔ These agencies have no pre-planned programs۔ These agencies include homes or families, playgroups, societies, etc۔

Unit 4 -  Organization & Structure of Education in India.

Meaning of Pre-Primary Education

Pre-primary education, which is taught before enrolling children in primary school۔ It is considered as an education given to the child from birth to the age of 5 or 6۔ It is known by many names such as nursery school, children's school, pre-primary school, ad kindergarten school۔ They usually meet a group of 3 to 6 years of age۔

Types of pre-primary schools 

Pre-primary education is provided through a variety of schools۔ Some of them are:

1. Kindergarten School: Thesis schools are based on the principles of educator Frubel۔ They are usually expensive so are located in some of India's major cities۔ Most of them are founders by missionaries.

2. Montesori School: As the name suggests, they are based on the principles of educator Maria Montesori۔ They use scientific instruments in the education process۔ That's why they're expensive too۔

Unit 5 -  Universalization of Elementary Education

Problems of Universalization of Elementary education in India. 

There are many problems of Universalization of Elementary Education which are as under :

a) Parental Attitude: Most parents are illiterate and do not worry about educating their children۔ Do not cooperate in sending your children to school۔

b) Poverty: Due to poor economic conditions, many parents send their children to earn and manage two-time meals۔

c) Girls Education: Some people are conservative they don't want to educate their girls because they find it wrong to allow girls to go out of their homes۔

d) More Population: Due to the rapid growth of the population, it is difficult to bring everyone under the roof of the primary schools۔

Unit 6 -  Educational Psychology

Meaning Of Educational Psychology

Psychology is the combination of two words "education" and "psychology۔ This means that education psychology is related to teaching and learning issues۔ There is no doubt that education and psychology are separate subjects but as far as their goals and methods are concerned, they are deeply intertwined and connected۔ Educational psychology۔ One of the attitudes of applied psychology .Some other meanings of academic psychology are below

1. Study of Psychological Aspects: The study of academic psychology is a study of the psychological aspects of the educational situation.
2. Application: The results and ideas of psychology apply to education in the field of education

3. Investigations: Educational psychology is an investigation into the practical application of the psychological principles of education, as well as psychological issues in education۔

Unit 7 -  Emotions

Understanding the concept of emotion 

The word emotion is derived from the Latin word "emovere" which means "filling", "filling", "crouching", "courage"۔ So emotions emerge or disturb the state of mind۔ When our emotions become intense and passionate, they become emotions۔ When a person becomes emotional; One feels uncontrollable, it stimulates the energy of the creature۔ Thus, emotions are, in general, a disturbing and muscular activity۔

According to the school of behavior, emotions usually feel the excitement of the whole body۔ The following points highlight the concept of emotion۔

1.  Stir Up: Emotions mean stirring, infuriating۔

2. Disturbed Condition: - Emotions are a troubled state of the brain۔

3. Intense Feelings: - When our feelings become intense, passionate, angry or upset, they become emotions۔ That's why feelings are the parents of emotions.

4. Disturbing Effects: - Emotions are, in fact, a disturbing process۔

5. Psychological Situation: - Emotions arise in a psychological situation۔

6. Physical Changes: - Emotions appear from physical changes masked in glands and smooth muscles۔

Unit 8 -  Value Education

Education is a process of humanization and should help a person to self-knowledge it only by promoting values among students and educating them based on value Is possible۔ In this unit you will learn about value, value education and different types of values۔ You will also know the need and importance of value  education۔ You will also know about the role of education in giving birth to values in students.

Meaning of Values

The meaning of values is the guiding principles of life that are helpful/ conducive to universal development۔ These are the principles that guide life and bring satisfaction, happiness and peace to life۔ They guide us to the right path and change our behavior properly۔ They decide what we should do۔

NT Ramj: "A value is what is wanted or that is sought۔ Value can be considered in practice as a guide to life that is conducive to one's physical and mental health as well as social welfare and adjustment Are and who are in line with someone's culture۔ ".

Rb. Perry: Whatever it is, it matters when any interest, whatever it is، It is taken into it just as anyone gets its target۔

Unit 9 -  Elementary Statistics

Unit 10 -  Environmental Education

JKBOSE Class 11th Education Notes Download PDF

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