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Tourist Destination of Jammu and Kashmir. Important Tourist Places in Jammu and kashmir. Best Tourist Distination study material notes for Jkssb examination

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Tourist Distination of Jammu and Kashmir


Tourist Destination of Jammu and Kashmir

Kashmir Division  Jammu Division 
Shalimar Garden  Mata Visnno Devi  Temple 
Nishat Bagh Raghunath Temple
Sonmarg Bahu Fort
Gulmarg Amar Mahal Palace
Pahalgam Dhandhar Fort
Kokernag Rambireshwar Temple
Yusmarg Bhimgarh Fort
Khanqa-e-Moula Mubarak Mandi Palace
Tulip Garden Purmandal
Jamia Masjid Srinager  Ramnagar Fort
Amarnath cave Temple 
Akhnoor Fort
Shankarachya Temple Chingus Fort
Heri Parbat Fort Thanmandi Sarai


Tourist Distination in Jammu Division

Shalimar Bagh

Shalimar is a sanskrit word that means Abode of Love.

It is located at Srinager on the foothills of zaberwan hills.

It is founded by Jahangir in 1619 AD for his wife Noor Jahan ( Light of World ).

It is the biggest mugal garden in kashmir.

It is also known as - 

  • Shalimar Garden
  • Farah Baksh
  • Faiz Baksh
  • Chani Khass
  • Crown of Kashmir

It has three terrace - 

  • Dawan-e-Aam : for public
  • Dawan-e-Khass : for guest
  • Zenana Garden : Royal Coart

A Marble Guest House is inside in gaeden constructed by Rangit Singh.

Note : 

  • Kashmir is known as Crown of India
  • Breng Valley ( Anantnag ) is known as Golden Crown of Kashmir.

Nishat Bagh

It is located at Srinager on the foothills of Zaberwan hills.

It was constructed by Asif Khan in 1633 AD ( Elder Brother of Nur Jahan )

It is known for Chinar trees imported from Persia by mugals.

It is also known as - 

  • Gorden of Joy
  • Garden of Gladness
  • Garden of Delight
  • Garden of Bless

Chasma Shahi

It is the smallest mugal  garden in kashmir.

It is located at Srinager and was founded by Shah Jahan.

Chasma Shahi literally means Royal Spring.

The garden was actually built by Ali Mardan Khan ( Governor of Shah Jahan ) to gift his elder son Dara Shikoh.


It is located at Ganderbal on bank of Sindh River.

It is also called - 

  • Medow of Gold
  • Gatway of Ladakh


It is located at Baramulla 

It is also called - 

  • Meadow of Flower
  • Jewel of Paradise on Earth
  • Golfing Mecca  of India

It was orginally known as Gaurimarg then renamed to Gulmarg by Yousif Chuk.

It is known for its Highest Golf Course (2650 m) in the world and its wintet game Skiing played at Apharwat Peak.

It is asia only Heli - Skiing Resort introduced by Sylran Sudan.


It is located at Anantnag on the bank of Lider River.

It is also called Village of Shepherds and is famous for Golf Course.

It is a place of Anglers Delight.


Koker means Chiken and Nag means Surpend .

It also meaning Sulphuries water in kashmir.

It is located at Anantnag in Breng Valley.

The real name of kokernag is Bindoo Zalangam.

Its is allod called -

  • Golden Crown of Kashmir

 It is the largest fresh water spring of kashmir.


It is located at Budgam on the bank of Doodhganga River.

Also called - 

  • Meadow of Jesus 


It is located at Srinager on the bank of Jhelem river.

It is the first masjid in jammu and kashmir and is also called "Shah-e-Hamdan Masjid".

It is believed to contains "Secret of Allah".

It was built by Sultan Sikander in memory of Syed Ali Hamdani.

Tulip Garden

It is located at Srinager at Zaberwan Range and is the asia largest Tulip Garden.

Also known as - 

  • Siraj Bagh
  • Indra Ghandi Memorial Tulip Garden
It was previously a Modal Floricultural Centre.

It has a Saven Terraced Garden opened in 2007 by Ghulam Nabi Azad.

It is opened every year in the month of april for tourists.

Hazratbat Masque

Hazrat means Respect and Bal means Place.

It is located at Srinager.

Also called - 

  • Dargah Sharif
  • Moi-e-Maqqadas

Jamia Masjid Srinager

It is located  at Downtown Srinager.

It was constructed by Sultan Sikander and was complated by Mir Hamdani Mohd ( Son of Mir Syed Ali Hamdani )

The Masjid was closed about 21 years by Ranjit Singh and Dwan Moti Ram and the repoen in 1843 by Ghulam Mohi-ud-din  in Sikh Rule.

Amarnath Cave Temple

  • Place - Pahalham
  • Deity - Shiva
  • Founder - Buta Milik

Two routes to go amarnath -

  • Pahalgam Bail Gaon
  • Baltal Sonomarh

Shankarachya Temple

It is located at Srinager in Gopadari hills ( Zaberwan Mountain ).

The name given by Adi Shankara and was constructed by Gopi Aditya.

Also called - 

  • Takhte-e-Salman
  • Jyasteshwara Tample
  • Paspahas - by Budhists

The stone stairs of this temple was constructed by Gulam Singh.

The temple is now under the control of Dharmath Trust.

Hari Parbat Fort

It is located at Srinager.

The construction of Hari Parbat Fort was started by Akber and complated by Atta Mohd Khan.

Also called - 

  • Kohi-e-Maran
  • Durani Fort

Tourist Destination in Jammu Division

Mata Vishno Devi Temple

  • Place - Katra at Trikuta Mountain
  • Diety - Bishno Devi
  • Founder - Gulab Singh

Raghunath Temple

  • Place - Jammu
  • Diety - Rama ( 7th Avatar of Vishnu )
  • Construction Start - Gulab Singh
  • Construction Complate - Rambir Singh

Bohu Fort

  • Place - Jammu
  • Founder - Raja Bahu Lochan
  • River - located on bank of Tawi river
  • Also called - Bawe Wali Mata Temple

Amar Mahal Palace

  • Place - Jammu 
  • Founder - Raja Amar Singh

It is tallest building in jammu

It is now converted into Maseam

The palace is donated to Hari Tara Charitable Trust by Karan Singh for the use of Museam.

It was the last official residance of dogra dynasty.

Dhandhar Fort

  • Place - Rajori
  • Founder - Main Hathu

Ranbireshwer Temple

  • Place - Jammu 
  • Founder - Maharaja Ranbir Singh
  • Diety - Shiva

It is the largest temple in the north india dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Bhimgarh Fort

  • Place - Reasi 
  • Founder - Maharaja Rasipal Rama
  • Also called - Reasi Fort 

It was first renovated by Gulab Singh

Mubarak Mandi Palace

  • Located - Jammu 
  • Constructed by - Ghulab Singh

It was the Royal resident of Maharaja's of dogra dynasty.

It was the main seat till 1925 when Maharaja Hari Singh moved to the Hari Nawas Palace in jammu.

It has a Pink Hall House of Dogra Art Museam.


Also called - 

  • Chhota Kashi
  • Mini Varanasi

It is located on Devika River ( also called Gupta Ganga )

Akhnoor Fort 

It is located at Jammu on the right bank of Chenab River.

The construction was started by Raja Taqh Sing and was complated by Raja Alam Singh.

Manda is indus valley civilization site found in Achnoor Fort.

Chingus Fort

Located at Rajori and is aloso called Chingus Sarai ( Chingus means Intestine )

The intestine and other abdonimal parts of Jabangir is in this fort.

Thanmandi Sarai

It is located at Rajori

Mugals stay here during the journey from Delhi to Kashmir.

Here conflict took place between Zainal Abideen and Ali Shah and the Zainal Abideen win and get the tittle Badshah.

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