MCQ on Revolt of 1857 - Freedom Struggle of India - JK NOTES

MCQ on Revolt of 1857 - Freedom Struggle of India

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Revolt of 1857 

MCQ on Revolt of 1857 best mcq on Indian first war of independence Indian freedom struggle . MOCK Test on Freedom Struggle of India.

Q.1 The Mangal Pandey incident took place at which of the fallowing place.  
(A) Meerut 
(B) Barrackpore  
(C) Ambala 
(D) Lucknow

Answer : Barrackpore

Q.2 Which of the fallowing is the  immediate cause of India’s first war of independence. 
(A) Doctrine of Lapse by Lord Dalhousie  
(B) Suspicion about Britishinterference in religion  
(C) Military discontent  
(D) Economic exploitation of India

Answer : Suspicion about Britishinterference in religion  

Q.3 British Indian Army introduce a new Enfield Rifle with greased cartridges on 
 (A) November, 1856  
(B) December, 1856  
(C) January, 1857  
(D) February, 1857

Answer : December, 1856  

Q.4 Which of the fallowing was the  first event relating to  Revolt of 1857.  
(A) Nana Saheb  taking leadership and Kanpur’s Revolt
(B) Begum Hazrat Mahal’s leadership of Oudh  
(C) Marching of Sepoys to Delhi’s Red Fort  
(D) Revolt by Rani of Jhansi

Answer : Marching of Sepoys to Delhi’s Red Fort  

Q.5 Which of the fallowing was the Symbol of Rovolt 1857  struggle. 
(A) Lotus and Chapatis  
(B) Eagle  
(C) Scarf  
(D) Two swords

Answer : Lotus and Chapatis  

Q.6 At Barielly which of the fallowing was the leader of the revolt 1857.
(A) Khan Bahadur  
(B) Kunwar Singh  
(C) Maulvi Ahmad Shah  
(D) Virzis Qadir

Answer : Khan Bahadur  

Q.7 Maharani Lakshmi fought a battle  against which of the fallowing british leader 
(A) Hugh Rose 
(B) Guff  
(C) Niel 
(D) Havlock

Answer : Hugh Rose 

Q.8 At Oudh which of fallowing  revolutionary woman led the revolution of 1857.
(A) Lakshmi Bai  
(B) Ahilya Bai  
(C) Aruna Asaf Ali
 (D) Begum Hazrat Mahal 

Answer : Begum Hazrat Mahal 

Q.9 At which of the fallowing place the largest number of soldiers participated in the Revolts of 1857 
A) Bengal 
(B) Awadh
(C) Bihar 
(D) Rajasthan

Answer : Awadh

Q.10 In the given Commission which one of the following  is associated with the Army Reorganization after the suppression of first war of Incident. 
(A) Public Service Commission  
(B) Peel Commission  
(C) Hunter Commission  
(D) Simon Commission

Answer : Peel Commission  

Q.11 Under British Crown the  Queen Victoria declare the taking over of Indian Administration on   
(A) 1 November, 1858  
(B) 31 December, 1857  
(C) 6 January, 1958  
(D) 17 November, 1859

Answer : 1 November, 1858

Q.12 In the Revolt 1857 Who among the following was the leader in Assam.
(A) Diwan Maniram Dutta  
(B) Kandarpeshwar Singh  
(C) Purandar Singh  
(D) Piali Barua

Answer : Purandar Singh  

Q.13 In the Revolt of 1857 Who among  the following was the bitterest enemy of Britishs 
(A) Maulvi Ahmadullah Shah  
(B) Maulvi Imadadullah  
(C) Maulana Fazi-i-Haq Khairabadi  
(D) Nawab Liaquat Ali

Answer : Maulvi Ahmadullah Shah  

Q.14 Which of the following leader was not associated in the first war of independance.
(A) Tatya Tope  
(B) Rani Lakshmi Bai  
(C) Bahadur Shah Jafar  
(D) Bhagat Singh

Answer : Bhagat Singh

Q.15 The dynasty what supported British maximum times during the first war of independence is
(A) Scindias of Gwalior 
(B) Holkers of Indore  
(C) Bhonsles of Nagpur  
(D) Lodhis of Ramgarh

Answer : Scindias of Gwalior 

Q.16 The territories that was not affected by the Revolt of 1857 was
(A) Jhansi 
(B) Chittor  
(C) Jagdishpur 
(D) Lucknow

Answer : Chittor

Q.17 Who among was the Governor-General of India during the first war of independence
(A) Lord Canning  
(B) Lord Dalhousie  
(C) Lord Hardinge  
(D) Lord Lytton

Answer : Lord Canning  

Q.18 At Barrackpora who was the  British Commanding Officer at the timevof revolt 1857.
(A) Henry Lawrence  
(B) Colonel Finnis  
(C) Hearsey  
(D) Sir Hugh Wheeler

Answer : Hearsey

Q.18 In the failure of  Revolt 1857 which among was the main cause.
(A) Lack of Hindu-Muslim unity  
(B) Lack of common strategy and central organization  
(C) Its effect was within limited area  
(D) Non-participations of Landlords

Answer : Lack of common strategy and central organization  

Q.19 Revolt of 1857 also called  conspiracy by 
(A) Sir James Outram and W. Taylor 
(B) Sir John K.  
(C) Sir John Lawrence  
(D) T.R. Homes

Answer : Sir James Outram and W. Taylor 

Q.20 Which portion of Bihar was not affected by the Revolt of 1857
1. Danapur 
2. Patna  
3. Ara 
4. Muzaffarpur  
5. Munger   
Find the correct option from code given below.  
(A) Only 4 and 5 
(B) Only 5  
(C) Only 4 
(D) 3, 4 and 5

Answer : Only 5  

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